Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Begin our Second Workshop: Undoing Racism Tonight

Well, once again I am learning and re-learning about the construction of race in the United States, and within the very institutions that support art making practices. I experienced this powerful workshop in New Orleans this summer as part of the UBW Summer Leadership Institute. The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond has such a powerful message to convey - we cannot change the world by ourselves. We need healthy networks of people who are able to think outside of boxes and bring forth change in the world through finding our common humanity - a humanity that can talk together about ongoing racism in the world. Difficult discussions ahead for tonight, but I go with an open heart and desire to listen deeply.

Thank You Marvin K. White

We had a such an amazing experience at the Le Pena Cultural Center event on Monday evening, which was sponsored by CounterPULSE. People brought yummy food and we participated in a rich and fulfilling writing workshop with the generous Marvin K. White. Folks who participated, THANK YOU for sharing your writing, your thoughts, and your selves. Food goes beyond sustenance, it is part of each of our souls and our ways of knowing the world. We will be using the writing prompts and materials in an installation for the piece From the Field to The Table.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 3 begins tomorrow!

This coming week we have some amazing activities planned for the project. On Monday we are headed to La Pena: for a writing workshop entitled “the poetry in those pots…” turning food memories into prose and narrative with Marvin K. White – Collaboration with CounterPULSE

We are so looking forward to the writing that will come from this event, which will we be steeped in the nurturing and healing relationship that sharing food has within community making. What have we lost when we as people no longer grow, make and eat food together? What can we reclaim from the simple act of sharing food as a community and telling our stories at the table? 

Tuesday and Wednesday we have an amazing set of workshops called "Undoing Racism" with the esteemed scholar Dr. Kimberly Richards and her colleague Sandra Bernabei. Much work ahead! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tenderloin National Forest Site Visit Today!

Today FFTT participants visit the amazing Tenderloin National Forest. This event is open to the public!
The event is called Fresh From the Oven.
Singing, story telling, interviews, music by DJ Fflood, and more!
The weather looks great and it is going to be an inspiring day.
Co-Founder and Director Darryl Smith came to FFTT work session on Thursday night and all were inspired by the story of how this amazing place came into being. Thank you Darryl!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Join us for the screening of "Bitter Seeds": Wednesday Night

Wednesday, 9/19
6-9pm - East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
               Film Viewing: Bitter Seeds, hosted by Ashara Ekundayo - Food Event

Trailer on YouTube:

Thank you Dr. Gail Myers!

We had an inspirational presentation by Dr. Gail Myers last evening. We were given the wonderful opportunity to see excerpts of her documentary film on current African American farmers and their farming practices. She also discussed the role of the rice industry in relationship to European and US Industrial Revolutions and the appropriation of rice growing practices from farmers in Senegal and Gambia who were enslaved in the US. Her main discussion focused on the importance of African American farming historically and currently. Thank you Dr. Myers!

A bit more information about Dr. Myers taken from the Color of Food Website: Dr. Gail Myers is a widely respected researcher of the Anthropology of African American Farming. She is also the founder of Farms to Grow, Inc. and Sustainable Lands Planning & Research. She earned a Doctorate in Anthropology form The Ohio State University.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 1 Almost Complete!

It has been a great week - getting to know all the participants, starting a few tentative ideas, singing songs, and learning about the ideas each will bring to the project. I am reminded of Jawole Will Jo Zollar's statement about process, "You have to go slow to go fast!" so true indeed. I look forward to this Saturday's Pot-Luck and Cultural Sharing. There is much to bring to the table, much to uncover and to explore. I am reading Raj Patel's book "Stuffed and Starved - The Hidden Battle for the World Food System." This is truly eye opening and insightful book about the state of food production, the food system business, and the role of the consumer.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Starting Tonight!

Hello Participants!
We start tonight at 6pm in the Zellerbach Playhouse Theater.
See you then,
Lisa, Amara, and Paloma

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paloma McGregor Arrives Sunday Evening!

We are excited for Paloma's arrival this Sunday!

Here is a nice article about Paloma that she wrote in 2009.

Applications Received!

We thank you all for submitting your applications! You should have received an email verification that your application was received from Lisa Wymore,

What a wonderful time it was reading through your applications and getting to know the future participants. Community members look for an email from Elena confirming your participation. Students go to the Dwinelle Annex bulletin board for the participant posting. All of this will happen by Monday at 9am.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

UC Berkeley Students Apply!

Hello Students,
We hope that you apply for this exciting project! Please get your applications in by noon on Friday to be considered. It won't take long and you will have a lifetime of memories from this production!
Lisa and Amara

Community Members Apply!

Go to the Participate section of this blog to get the link to the schedule. There are instructions on how to include it in your application. To get an application go to:
Looking forward to receiving all of you applications soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Community Application and Participation Agreement will be posted within the next few days to the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies website:
Remember: Applications are due this FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 by 12PM. Please be sure to include FFTT: Community Participant Application (your name) as your subject heading. Project Facilitators will review the applications and notify Community Participants through email by Monday, September 10.

Thank you for your interest!

Wednesday Pre-Project Workshop Reminder

Just a reminder that Amara and I will be leading a workshop this coming Wednesday, September 5th from 6-8pm in 2410 Bancroft Dance Studio. We will be giving you a taste of a residency session.
Please come and enjoy the process!

Theater 166: Urban Bush Women Dance Technique

If you are interested in taking this technique class, which is highly recommended, just show up for the first day of classes on Monday, September 10th at 3pm in 2401 Bancroft Studio. We will give out the course control number then. You will NOT be assessed a registration fee. We will obtain a reimbursement for you. This particular class is designed for students with dance training. It is NOT required that you take this class to participate in "From the Field to the Table." The class runs: M/W 3-5pm. September 10-October 10, 2012.
See you there!