Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thank you Dr. Gail Myers!

We had an inspirational presentation by Dr. Gail Myers last evening. We were given the wonderful opportunity to see excerpts of her documentary film on current African American farmers and their farming practices. She also discussed the role of the rice industry in relationship to European and US Industrial Revolutions and the appropriation of rice growing practices from farmers in Senegal and Gambia who were enslaved in the US. Her main discussion focused on the importance of African American farming historically and currently. Thank you Dr. Myers!

A bit more information about Dr. Myers taken from the Color of Food Website: Dr. Gail Myers is a widely respected researcher of the Anthropology of African American Farming. She is also the founder of Farms to Grow, Inc. and Sustainable Lands Planning & Research. She earned a Doctorate in Anthropology form The Ohio State University.

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