Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 3 begins tomorrow!

This coming week we have some amazing activities planned for the project. On Monday we are headed to La Pena: for a writing workshop entitled “the poetry in those pots…” turning food memories into prose and narrative with Marvin K. White – Collaboration with CounterPULSE

We are so looking forward to the writing that will come from this event, which will we be steeped in the nurturing and healing relationship that sharing food has within community making. What have we lost when we as people no longer grow, make and eat food together? What can we reclaim from the simple act of sharing food as a community and telling our stories at the table? 

Tuesday and Wednesday we have an amazing set of workshops called "Undoing Racism" with the esteemed scholar Dr. Kimberly Richards and her colleague Sandra Bernabei. Much work ahead! 

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