Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank you Dr. Kimberly Richards and Sandra Bernabei!

We had such an amazing and intense workshop around Undoing Racism with Dr. Kim and Sandy Bernabei. On Thursday, September 27th participants processed all of this information by making physical and written responses, which were inspiring and full of questions and ideas. The concept of racism (race + ism) is a complicated one that involves race prejudice + power. Participants are now able to really engage in deep conversations about the role racism in our society, in our institutions, and within ourselves as we embark on the making of the piece From the Field to The Table! Who is allowed at the table? What is the real cost of food? How are culturally specific agricultural practices lost or de-valued in our society? These are important themes within the project and all are impacted by racially motivated laws and practices (past and current) and power dynamics in our ever globalized world.

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